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Parker Biogas-Siloxane Removal Systems沼气-硅氧烷除尘系统


Reliable and cost effective.

Landfills and wastewater treatment plant digesters are the largest human-related, US sources of methane "greenhouse" gas blamed for global warming.  Methane is also a valuable fuel for boilers, engines, turbines and fuel cells.  However, it is often "burned off" because it is contaminated with siloxane, a silicon compound used in cosmetics, soaps, food additives, plastics and other products that produces harmful deposits on combustion and catalyst surfaces. 

Parker's Siloxane Removal System is a green energy solution that filters contaminants as small at 0.01 micron at 99.99999% efficiency from landfill and digester gas, allowing it to be used as combustion fuel.  It is a twin-tower, Nanofiber media system that adsorbs siloxane contaminants in one tower, while regenerating the media in the other tower. 


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Parker 派克 沼气-有机硅氧烷过滤系统
硅氧烷过滤成套设备 S4沼气过滤除尘设备 硅氧烷过滤除尘设备
硅氧烷过滤成套设备 S4沼气过滤除尘设备 硅氧烷过滤除尘设备